Streaming the Arts: 1 year later

January 22nd, 2011
by Chris

1 Year In

We built and launched 1 year ago today. Well we launched it that day, it was in production for a while leading up to that date.  It was an awesome project to work on, and combined some of our biggest loves, Flash and Drupal. The site showcases high definition videos of performance arts shows that have been captured and edited by a professional film company. I myself had never been exposed to these types of performances, and after building the site was able to check out some of the shows. They are amazing. They may not all be your cup of tea, but they are all interesting in their own right.

For the anniversary we made a number of updates to the TV site, that are mostly behind the scenes updates. Not much we can point you to, such is the life of a development shop! But what we can share with you is the experience of watching the performances themselves. For the next week, they are offering a special discount where any of the active performances will be available to stream (rent) for $1 dollar each. Amazing deal, and well worth that nominal price of admission. The discount code is "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", and the site is here:

Like to know a little more about On the Boards and the site? Check out this great video they put together showing why and how the site exits, and how they make the videos.

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