New games! New games website! Games!

May 2nd, 2012
by Brian

Now that we have a couple of games under our belt, we thought it was only appropriate that we put them all up in one place (as well as a few other places too - more on that in a sec). So, without further ado. Introducing:

HR:GAMES or if you want the nerdly title.

So, what have we got up there, you ask? Well... we have:

Letter Invaders:

Destroy words to hold back the endless onslaught of letters!

 You must defend the planet against the oncoming attack. Use your ship to destroy letters and form words (3+ letters in length), then fire the big gun and send that word and its entire row to meet their maker.

Experience endless gameplay as you advance through the levels and the speed of the onslaught increases.

Good luck, soldier. 


Poor Mini-taur has lost his parents. Guide him through 30 levels of gravity-defying puzzles to reunite them.

Help Mini-taur reunite with his parents by manipulating gravity, moving blocks and reaching the exit across 30 puzzling levels.

Get a moo-ve on! 

Gravity Bot:

Guide the bot through caverns and to the surface by altering gravity, avoiding obstacles and finding the exit in 11 exciting levels

Heavy Jumble:

Heavy Jumble is a simple word jumble, or word scramble, game. With scrambled letters, can you find the original word?

A word's letters are mixed up and shown to you in a different order, and your goal is to figure out what the original word was!

It is a casual game you can play by yourself to relax while keeping your brain active, or simply kill some time.

And, on top of having the games on our website, you can also find them on the Chrome Webstore (for free, of course).


And, on top of even that - like the syrup combo on your banana split, you can play three of our games on Kongregate and try to get the high score!


Alright, so go forth and play some games! And let us know what you think by emailing us at As always, we'd love to hear from you.


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